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Part time

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Feb 9

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Request for Proposal – Architectural Consultant to the Design Review Committee


Roxborough Park Foundation (RPF) invites and welcomes applications for the position of Architectural Consultant to the Foundation’s Design Review Committee. You are invited to submit a bid. Please take the time to carefully read and become familiar with the proposal specifications. All proposals submitted for consideration must be received by the date and time as specified under “SUBMISSION DEADLINE.” Bids that comply with the specifications will be considered at that time.


Roxborough Park Foundation is a covenant controlled, common interest community – a serene residential area of 1,055 homes and buildable lots located at the edge of the Rocky Mountain foothills in rural Douglas County, Colorado just a short drive southwest of Denver.

Hundreds of families call this destination community home, and it’s no wonder why. The natural beauty of the massive red rock formations in and around Roxborough Park, extensive private road system, amenities of a community center, multiple private parks and private trails, abundant and diverse wildlife and a large adjacent State Park are only a few reasons families are so passionate about this neighborhood.

The Foundation’s Design Review Committee (DRC) is a standing committee and operates in accordance with the Foundation’s Protective Covenants, rules & regulations. The DRC’s purpose is to establish, maintain and enforce the Building Covenants as adopted in the Design Review Documents (DRD) in order to maintain aesthetic standards within the community and preserve values. The DRC reviews all exterior building, remodeling, renovations, construction and landscape activity for the Roxborough Park Community. It is not the purpose of the DRC to identify County code violations or to provide any review process of the building permits issued by the County.  Common areas as well as community building and landscaping projects are included in the DRC’s purview.

The DRC currently comprises five voting members and a paid, non-voting, professional Architectural Consultant. The Foundation is looking to fill the position of Architectural Consultant (AC). The AC should be a licensed practicing architect who has a thorough understanding of architectural design principles, basic building requirements, interpreting grading plans, Codes and specific design requirements within the RPF environment. This basic knowledge is necessary to be a successful professional member of the DRC.  


The parties to the contract will be the Architectural Consultant (AC), and Roxborough Park Foundation (RPF), which is empowered under its Protective Covenants to enter into contracts. Your contacts for the RFP will be:

Primary Contact:

Brian Lence

General Manager

Roxborough Park Foundation

6237 Roxborough Drive

Roxborough, CO 80125

Tel: 720-536-2441


Secondary Contact:

Jan Schilmoeller

Design Review Committee Chair

Roxborough Park Foundation

6237 Roxborough Drive

Roxborough, CO 80125



a)     General Responsibilities:

·      Gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the building and landscape design requirements of the RPF as defined in the Foundation’s Protective Covenants and its most current Design Review Document (DRD).

·      Participate in the two on-site DRC meetings each month, with the exceptions of November and December when there is only one meeting per month. (Note: there is a total of 22 meetings a year. Meetings average 2.5 hours in length (not including drive time to/from meeting), depending on the number of submittals received prior to any particular meeting. These meetings are held at 12:00 pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. These dates are sometimes adjusted at the discretion of the DRC based on Holidays or Committee member schedules.)

·      On Monday at noon prior to the Tuesday meeting, review submittals for conformance with the DRD and e-mail written “draft” professional opinions and comments to all members of the DRC prior to the meeting. These draft comments should include questions that need to be answered during the upcoming meeting and site visits.

·      Participate in site visits to submitted projects at the beginning of each meeting. These site visits are to verify project conditions and address outstanding questions that may have come up during the initial review process.

·      Discuss all submittals at bi-monthly meetings of the DRC prior to a vote on accepting the submittal. During the meeting, mark-up the draft comments and add comments from other DRC members, etc.  Record the outcome of the DRC’s decisions on the draft comments.

·      Within 48 hours of the meeting, update the draft comments to take into account answers to questions, additional requirements/comments, and the final decision made by the DRC during the meeting.

·      E-mail a “review” copy to all DRC members to make sure that nothing was left out of the final comments. Once the other DRC members have responded, make any needed corrections and then send both a PDF and WORD document to the RPF’s DRC liaison for dissemination to the residents who submitted for review. The final comments are also copied to the DRC members for their records.

b)     Review Process:

·      The DRC typically reviews two types of projects -  new builds and small projects to existing homes. New builds can be broken into two subsets, single-family homes and project areas. Both have similar review requirements, but there are some extra steps required in the review of the project areas. These added steps are defined in the DRD.

New Builds (and Project Areas)

o  Review and verify grading and drainage plans.

o  Sketch Review: verify basic house placement on the lot and that the proposed re-grading of the site works. see RPF Sketch Plan Review checklist for additional review requirements.)

o  Preliminary Plan Review: following the RPF Preliminary Plan Review checklist as a guide, review the project for conformance with the DRD. A site visit is necessary to verify that the proposed home has been staked on site. Verify proper placement of site stakes.  

o  Final Submittal Review: this is typically a quick review as most items have been addressed during the first two review phases. No site visit is typically needed.

Projects for Existing homes:

o  These reviews can be anything from a landscape project, new deck, repairs/extensions of existing decks, new siding, etc.

o  The AC will review projects for conformance with the DRD.  This may require site visits to verify submitted information.

c)     Miscellaneous Responsibilities

·      If an obvious code violation or potential code violation is identified, it is brought to the attention of the DRC and the home owner who submitted the project. However, it is specifically not the role of the AC (or the DRC) to review or enforce any zoning or building codes. (Note: the AC should have a working understanding of Douglas County adopted building codes.)

·      Participate in reviewing and/or re-writing sections of the DRD as required.


The following is a list of information that the Applicant should include in their proposal submission:

a)     Applicant’s name, address and contact information

b)     Legal form of Applicant

c)     Applicant’s principal officers (if applicable)

d)     Applicant’s Federal Employee Identification Number

e)     Copy of license to practice in the State of Colorado

f)      A statement of whether the Applicant or its parent company (if applicable) has ever filed for bankruptcy or has ever received any sanctions or is currently under investigation by any regulatory authority or governmental body

g)     A statement of whether the Applicant or its parent company (if applicable) have previously been in any litigation, judgments, claims, arbitration proceedings or suits. If yes, please provide details and state the current status.

h)     Required hourly rate. Services are to be provided on an hourly basis. Tracking time and invoicing is done by tracking the time spent on each individual review rounded to the closest minute. Some reviews might take 90 seconds, while others might take 75 minutes. Commitment typically varies between 12 and 15 hours per month.


The deadline for submitting a bid is 11:30AM on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. All Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their bids by Friday, March 25, 2022.



a)     Insurance: Applicant shall provide proof of professional liability insurance and that RPF will be named as an additional insured.

b)     Licenses & Laws: Applicant shall comply with all federal, state, and local laws & regulations.

c)     Indemnification: Applicant will indemnify and hold harmless RPF for any claims made against the Association as a result of Applicant’s work, including legal costs.

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